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Whether you work for a large brand or own your own small business, I'm sure you're hearing quite a bit about Pinterest. You may be asking yourself, should we be marketing on Pinterest? Is this a fad? How can Pinterest help my business? How would I market on Pinterest anyway?
Read popular articles and tips on how to use Pinterest for Business. Social Media Catch.
It’s amazing how it has taken over other traffic sources in such a short time. I’m going to implement Pinterest for driving traffic.
Don't let all the hearts and flowers floating around on Pinterest fool you. Behind all that beauty, Pinterest is fast becoming a heavy hitting marketing tool.
All the latest news related to entrepreneurs.
The idea of capturing photos on a virtual wall is nothing new, and yet Pinterest is a juggernaut growing faster than Facebook when it was this size. Why?
Newish social network shares images with strong links to shopping; claims that it’s 60 per cent female may be low-balling it..
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