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"I'm so excited about it," said Silbermann (pictured, left), who spoke at the South By Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday. "We wanted to make it more beautiful ... to make your profile different in kind than the profile you have on Facebook."
Don't get me wrong -- I do it myself, but I'm getting more and more aware of the complications and consequences that might come in the aftermath of our desire to overshare anything and everything.
If you haven't heard of Pinterest already (we'd be surprised if that were the case), it'd be good to get acquainted. The social image-sharing network is one of the fastest growing sites on the web.
What makes some social media sites reign supreme while others whither and die? It's a question that marketing gurus and users themselves have often pondered.
I did not run into any choking nudity yet on pinterest. And it is well mentionned that nudity for art can be well received…
I started using it recently..Its really cool..redefining the way we use the web….will surely explore the pins of the most followed users…
It’s not as simple as “nudity is art” and “nudity is offensive.” Some nudity is artistic, some nudity is pornographic, and a lot of it occupies some kind of middle ground between the two. And no two people will agree about where the line is, and a case could be made that their isn’t really one.
I have been looking for an example of Pinterest being used to enhance an organisation’s Employer Brand – this is the first one I have found. Thanks for sharing it!